The Siren
Borderlands 3
Action Skill(s):
Gifted with powerful Siren abilities, Amara is a renowned champion of the people and bonafide badass. Using her action skills she can Phaseslam the ground to damage nearby enemies and knock them into the air, Phasegrasp enemies in place with a giant ethereal fist, or even Phasecast an astral projection of herself that deals damage to everything in its path.
  1. Class Mods
  2. Skill Tree
  3. Changelog

Amara - Class Mods

Amara - Skill Trees


Amara: Brawl - Skill Tree

Fist of the Elements

Amara: Fist of the Elements - Skill Tree

Mystical Assault

Amara: Mystical Assault - Skill Tree

Amara - Changelog

Hotfix 10.10.2019:

  • Putting points into Alacrity now awards a reload speed bonus per rank.
  • Phasegrasp can now be used on targets further away and the cooldown is now instantly returned if a player misses.

Hotfix 09.27.2019:

  • Guardian Angel health restoration reduced from 100% to 50%.
  • Glamour damage penalty reduced from -30% to -10%.

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