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I am Levin, a 25-year-old student from Germany.
Optimizing builds in games is one of my passions and in 2019 I also got into web development.

Last year, when the Commander Lilith BL2-DLC was released I wanted to advance and challenge my web development skills.

When I first got into Borderlands I remember how overwhelmed I was - so much information scattered across the web, often false or outdated.
After I understood how to craft and optimize my own builds I got frustrated with the way information was presented online.
Retesting false claims is really tedious!

All of these challenges lead to my vision of a website that would simplify the theorycrafting process.

Building the toolbox for Borderlands

My vision for this project:

The starting point for new Players

- a place for you to learn about Borderlands and advance their skills.

Progressing in a new game can sometimes be a challenge. Lootlemon helps you overcome that obstacle, by teaching the principles of Borderlands with thorough guides and inspirational blog articles.


  • Fast and user friendly on all devices
  • Continuously evolving Toolbox
  • Democratic Item-Tier System
  • Full Character DPS Calculator
  • Thorough Guides
  • Inspirational Blog Articles
  • Add Borderlands 1 & TPS Items ¹ ²
  • Downloadable PDF Checklist
  • Advanced live Site Search ²
  • Add Item background Information
  • Detailed Skill Info
  • Class Skill Builder (BETA)
  • Weapon Parts Information ¹
1: requires volunteers
2: requires Patreon support

The all-in-one Toolbox for Pros

- with everything you need to create amazing builds; all in one place!

One of the challenges as an experienced player is it to find accurate, up to date information. I am always informed of new changes and update the website frequently, while my Discord Community helps me stay on track.

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