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find gear

Find Gear

The Database helps you to quickly find the gear that's right for your Build.

With the filter & sort buttons you can limit the items to what you need.

Additionally, you can find Gear with the search bar.
Located on top of every page.

optimize build


Trying to get every bit of performance out of your character?

The DPS Calculator easily shows you which weapon deals more damage per second.

You can compare two weapons and find out what suits your build.

get involved

Get Involved

You have ideas and want them implemented on the website?

Then let me know in the Lootlemon Discord Community.

What to expect:

  • Coming website features & tools
  • Borderlands news & shift codes
  • Likeminded Vault Hunters


With this Database, discovering the gear that is right for your Build is easy.

You can filter and sort the gear to see which has the highest stats.

The Database has all unique items from Borderlands 2 & 3 and is frequently updated.


DPS Calculator

The DPS calculator lets you calculate Single Shot-, Magazin Damage, and DPS.

You can also compare the values of 2 weapons, to see which fits your build.

This will help you optimize your build and elevate it to the next level.

DPS Calculator