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Portals and Shite
Updated: Sep 05, 2023
Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3
Portals and Shite

This is beyond science.
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    Assault Rifle
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Portals and Shite
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God Roll
Portals and Shite (AR-BL3)
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Portals and Shite - About

The Legendary Assault Rifle Portals and Shite is manufactured by Atlas and comes from the Borderlands 3 Datamined Items.

Portals and Shite - unique Ability

Portals and Shite - Variants

  • Elements
  • Listed Projectiles
  • Shot Cost
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  • Weapon Parts
    fixed parts
  • Anointment
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Portals and Shite - Tracking Systems

The Portals and Shite comes with 1 of these 3 Tracking Systems:

  • Tracking Puck 33.3% Shoots a sticky Puck that seeks out a new enemy whenever the current enemy dies.
  • Tracking Grenade 33.3% -25% Recoil Height Shoots a tracking Grande that rises upon impact, explodes and marks nearby enemies.
  • Tracking Darts 33.3% -20% Weapon Sway Shoots damaging tracking darts that mark enemies.

Portals and Shite - Assault Rifle Parts

Weapons usually get one part per group, but sometimes multiple or none. Numbers in the top-right  indicate the range of parts a group can have.
Parts usually have equal drop chances, or it's indicated nearby.

Body Accessory2-3

  • Body_A83.3%+10% Damage
  • Body_B83.3%+10% Fire Rate
    +50% Tracker Duration
  • Body_C83.3%+10% Reload Speed
    +15% Accuracy

Barrel Accessory2-3

  • Barrel_3A83.3%-20% Weapon Sway
    -25% Accuracy Bloom
  • Barrel_3B83.3%+15% Accuracy
  • Barrel_3C83.3%+15% Accuracy


  • Mag_1Mag Size: 22
    Reload: 2.5s
    +10% Damage
  • Mag_2Mag Size: 28
    Reload: 2.8s
  • Mag_3Mag Size: 34
    Reload: 3.1s
    -10% Damage


  • Grip_1-20% Accuracy Bloom
    +5% Fire Rate
  • Grip_2+5% Reload Speed
    +20% Accuracy
    +25% Tracker Duration
  • Grip_3+10% Crit Damage
    +10% Mag Size
    -5% Damage
    -10% Accuracy
  • Grip_4-15% Vertical Recoil
    +5% Damage


  • Foregrip_1+10% Accuracy
    +5% Damage
  • Foregrip_2-30% Sway
    +5% Fire Rate
  • Foregrip_3+5% Reload Speed
    -30% Accuracy Bloom
  • Foregrip_4+10% Crit Damage
    +25% Tracker Duration


  • Scope_11.5x Zoom
  • Scope_25.0x Zoom
  • Scope_32.9x Zoom

Portals and Shite - Changelog

Portals and Shite
How to Farm

Portals and Shite
Assigned Loot Pool

Portals and Shite


Datamined Items

Datamined Items can not be obtained legitimately.
They were discovered in the game's code and can only be obtained by a game specific Save Editor.

Portals and Shite
Drop Rates

The number next to the Source notes Loot Luck.

Loot Luck Formula


P = Dedicated Loot Pool Chance
L = Loot Luck

Portals and Shite
Grinder Recipe

This recipe requires 1+ DLC-Legendary!
Assault RifleAssault RifleAny Legendary WeaponplusAny Legendary WeaponAssault RifleplusAny Legendary WeaponAny Uncommon WeaponequalsAssault RifleAssault RifleEpic or Legendary PistolEpic or Legendary Shotgun
The Grinder⚙️ recipe for the displayed chances.
Consoles may have a better recipe that's the best on PC.

Portals and Shite
Dedicated Sources