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Flama Diddle
Updated: Sep 05, 2023
Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3
Flama Diddle

VIII. Never turn your back on a Monster!
  • Content
    Guns, Love, and Tentacles
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  • Rarity
  • Manufacturer
  • Elements

Flama Diddle
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God Roll
Flama Diddle (Shotgun-BL3)
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Flama Diddle - About

The Legendary Shotgun Flama Diddle is manufactured by Tediore and comes from the Borderlands 3 Guns, Love, and Tentacles - DLC.

Flama Diddle - unique Ability

The Flama Diddle fires darts that deal Fire Splash Damage and ricochet off surfaces once.
Darts distance the center dart increases and decreases while flying.

The Flama Diddle Reload Explosion deals Card Damage x leftover Bullets.

Flama Diddle - Variants

  • Elements
  • Listed Projectiles
    9 | 10 | 13 | 15
  • Shot Cost
    1 | 2
  • Splash Radius
  • Weapon Parts
    fixed parts
  • Anointment
  • Splash Anoints

Flama Diddle - Reload Modules

The Flama Diddle comes with 1 of these 4 Reload Modules that all explode on impact.

  • Standard Reload 25% While airborne, the Flama Diddle shoots in all directions.
  • Bouncy Reload 25% The Flama Diddle bounces around and shoots in all directions.
  • Homing Reload 25% The Flama Diddle homes in on an enemy and shoots at its target.
  • Walking Turret Reload 25% When thrown the Flama Diddle shoots in all directions until it explodes on an enemy or transforms into a Walking Turret.
    The Walking Turret shoots at enemies until its ammo is depleted, then it charges at an enemy and explodes.

Flama Diddle - Shotgun Parts

Weapons usually get one part per group, but sometimes multiple or none. Numbers in the top-right  indicate the range of parts a group can have.
Parts usually have equal drop chances, or it's indicated nearby.

Barrel Accessory2-3

  • Barrel_2A83.3%+7.5% Accuracy
  • Barrel_2B83.3%+10% Fire Rate
  • Barrel_2C83.3%+10% Fire Rate


  • Grip_1+15% Projectiles
    -30% Horizontal Recoil
    -5% Damage
    -10% Accuracy
    +15% Accuracy Bloom
  • Grip_2+5% Fire Rate
  • Grip_3Throw Stabilizer-15% Vertical Recoil
    +2 Mag Size
    -10% Accuracy
    -5% Damage
  • Grip_4+20% Splash Radius
    +10% Accuracy
  • Grip_5-30% Sway
    +5% Damage


  • Foregrip_1-30% Sway
    +5% Fire Rate
  • Foregrip_2-30% Vertical Recoil
    +5% Accuracy
  • Foregrip_3+20% Splash Radius
    +5% Damage
  • Foregrip_4+50% Projectiles
    +5% Damage
    +1 Shot Cost
    -4.5% Accuracy
    +25% Accuracy Bloom
  • Foregrip_5+2 Mag Size
    -15% Horizontal Recoil
    -10% Accuracy
    -5% Damage


  • Scope_122.2%2.2x Zoom
  • Scope_222.2%4.5x Zoom
  • Scope_322.2%1.5x Zoom
  • Scope_422.2%2.9x Zoom

Flama Diddle - Changelog

Hotfix 01.21.2021:

  • Tediore Nerf: -50% Reload-Explosion Damage

Hotfix 12.17.2020:

  • +20% weapon damage.

Flama Diddle
How to Farm

Flama Diddle
Assigned Loot Pool

Flama Diddle
World Drop (BL3 - DLC 2)

DLC 2 - World Drop

DLC 2 - World Drop

Guns, Love, and Tentacles - World Drops are items that drop from any suitable Loot Source, within the Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC, in addition to their dedicated sources.
There are 8 weapons, 2 shields and 4 Class Mods in the Guns, Love, and Tentacles - World Drop pool, so for farming a specific weapon it's best to seek out its dedicated Source.
If you still want to test your luck, you should equip a Shlooter Artifact or All-in Shield to increase your Legendary World Drop Chances.

Suitable Loot Sources within the DLC:

  • All Enemies:
    Bosses, Crew Challenges, Generic Enemies, …
  • All kinds of Chests
  • Diamond Loot Room

Flama Diddle
Drop Rates

  • Wendigo
The number next to the Source notes Loot Luck.

Loot Luck Formula


P = Dedicated Loot Pool Chance
L = Loot Luck

Flama Diddle
Grinder Recipe

This recipe requires 1+ DLC-Legendary!
ShotgunShotgunAny Legendary WeaponplusAny Legendary WeaponShotgunplusAny Legendary WeaponAny Uncommon WeaponequalsShotgunShotgunEpic or Legendary PistolEpic or Legendary Shotgun
The Grinder⚙️ recipe for the displayed chances.
Consoles may have a better recipe that's the best on PC.

Flama Diddle
Dedicated Sources



The Cankerwood