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Salt and Battery
Updated: Sep 05, 2023
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands
Salt and Battery

Batter up!
  • Content
    Glutton's Gamble
  • Weapon Type
  • Rarity
  • Manufacturer
  • Elements
    Dark Magic

Salt and Battery
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Salt and Battery (Melee-WL)
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Salt and Battery - About

The Legendary Melee Salt and Battery is manufactured by Bonk and comes from the Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Glutton's Gamble DLC.

Salt and Battery - unique Ability

Each strike with the Salt & Battery increases its Crit Chance by 20%.
When scoring a critical hit its Crit Chance is reset to 0%.

Scoring a critical hit with the Salt & Battery spawns a Dagger Storm, that lasts 6s.
The Dagger Storm continuously deals [weapon element] Damage and periodically throws out daggers in all directions that deal [weapon element] Splash Damage on impact.

Salt and Battery - Variants

  • Elements
    Dark Magic
  • Listed Projectiles
  • Shot Cost
  • Splash Radius
  • Weapon Parts
    fixed parts
  • Enchantment
  • Splash Anoints

Salt and Battery - Hilt Mods

The Salt and Battery has 0 or 1 of these 8 equally common Hilt Mods:

Note Caustic only occurs on elemental Salt and Battery.
  • Amp'd Melee strikes amplify your next 3-shots by 50.0% for 10s.
  • Archmage Melee strikes restore 5.0% Spell Cooldown.
  • Ancient Melee strikes restore 5.0% Action Skill Cooldown.
  • Warrior Melee strikes stack +8.0% Damage Reduction and Melee Damage up to 5 times. Each stack lasts 10s.
  • Vampire Melee strikes restore 10.0% Max-Health and Max-Ward.
  • Rampage Melee strikes stack +10% Melee Crit Chance. Melee Crits resets this Bonus.
  • Echo Melee strikes deal +10% Bonus Damage of all your Non-Melee Damage dealt over the last 10s. Each strike resets this Bonus.
  • Caustic Melee strikes grant +30% Status Effect Damage and Chance for 10s.

Salt and Battery - Melee Parts

Weapons usually get one part per group, but sometimes multiple or none. Numbers in the top-right  indicate the range of parts a group can have.
Parts usually have equal drop chances, or it's indicated nearby.


  • Fire10%
  • Shock10%
  • Poison10%
  • Cryo10%
  • Dark Magic10%

Head Mod1-2

  • Blade_3A75%+10% Damage
  • Blade_3B75% + [Ele]+10% Status Chance


  • Hilt_1[Element]+10% Status Chance
  • Hilt_2[Element]+10% Status Damage
  • Hilt_3+10% Damage

Salt and Battery - Changelog

Salt and Battery
How to Farm

Salt and Battery
Assigned Loot Pool

Salt and Battery
Word Drop (TTWL - DLC)

DLC - World Drop

DLC - World Drop

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands DLC - World Drops are items that drop from any suitable Loot Source, within one of the DLCs, as well as Vesper's Wheel of Fate.

Suitable Loot Sources within the DLC:

  • Wheel of Fate
  • All Enemies:
    Bosses, Badasses, Generic Enemies, …
  • All kinds of Chests

Salt and Battery
Drop Rates

  • Imelda [?]
The number next to the Source notes Loot Luck.

Loot Luck Formula


P = Dedicated Loot Pool Chance
L = Loot Luck

Salt and Battery
Grinder Recipe

This recipe requires 1+ DLC-Legendary!
MeleeMeleeAny Legendary WeaponplusAny Legendary WeaponMeleeplusAny Legendary WeaponAny Uncommon WeaponequalsMeleeMeleeEpic or Legendary PistolEpic or Legendary Shotgun
The Grinder⚙️ recipe for the displayed chances.
Consoles may have a better recipe that's the best on PC.

Salt and Battery
Dedicated Sources

Imelda the Sand Witch

Imelda the Sand Witch

Dreamveil Overlook