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Hive Mind
Updated: Oct 01, 2023
Borderlands 1

Borderlands 1
Hive Mind

That's gonna leave a Marx
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Hive Mind
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Hive Mind (Launcher-BL1)
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Hive Mind - About

The Legendary Launcher Hive Mind is manufactured by Gearbox and comes from the Borderlands 1 GOTY Enhanced.

Hive Mind - unique Ability

The Hive Mind fires rockets in a 3-Round Burst and has increased Damage, Mag Size, and reduced Reload Speed.

Brick's Bombardier Class Mod doesn't regen launcher ammo while holding the Hive Mind, but other ammo regen effects work fine.

Hive Mind - Variants

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Hive Mind - Launcher Parts

Weapons usually get one part per group, but sometimes multiple or none. Numbers in the top-right  indicate the range of parts a group can have.
Parts usually have equal drop chances, or it's indicated nearby.

Hive Mind - Changelog

Hive Mind
How to Farm

Hive Mind
Assigned Loot Pool

Hive Mind
World Drop (BL1)

World Drop

Base Game - World Drop

Borderlands 1 World Drops are items that drop from any suitable Loot Source, like Bosses, regular enemies, red-chests, white-chests, and vending machines.
With 53 unique weapons in the World Drop pool, getting 1 specific weapon is difficult.

Awesome Level

Each Loot Sources has an Awesome Level that determines a rarity's weighting in the World Drop pool.
The higher the Awesome Level the higher is the weighting of Rare, Epic, and Legendary loot.
The drop rates for legendaries range from <1% to 5.6% depending on the Loot Source's Awesome Level.

Lilith's Catalyst and Mordecai's Scavenger Class Mod can increase the Team's Awesome Level by an insignificant amount. But it's notable for low Awesome Level Sources like chests and generic enemies.
Best Loot Sources are:

Hive Mind
Drop Rates

  • Craw x3
  • Destroyer Chest
  • New Character*
*New characters spawn with 2 of 6 Gearbox Weapons.
The number next to the Source notes Loot Luck.

Loot Luck Formula


P = Dedicated Loot Pool Chance
L = Loot Luck

Hive Mind
Grinder Recipe

This recipe requires 1+ DLC-Legendary!
LauncherLauncherAny Legendary WeaponplusAny Legendary WeaponLauncherplusAny Legendary WeaponAny Uncommon WeaponequalsLauncherLauncherEpic or Legendary PistolEpic or Legendary Shotgun
The Grinder⚙️ recipe for the displayed chances.
Consoles may have a better recipe that's the best on PC.

Hive Mind
Dedicated Sources



Crawmerax's Lair
Raid Boss
Destroyer Chest

Destroyer Chest

The Vault