Borderlands 2

Playable Characters


Axton - The Commando


Axton was a Sergeant in the DAHL military but decided to leave that life behind.

A versatile combatant that excels in the use of grenades and explosive weaponry.

His Sabre Turret draws enemy attention and attacks all enemies in sight.


Gaige - The Mechromancer


Gaige was a young Highschool student on Eden-5 when she left her home.

She constructed a deadly Robot initially named Project DT to combat bullying, later known as DeathTrap.

With a swift gesture she Summons Deathtrap. He attacks her enemies with a multitude of weapons.

Meanwhile she grows stronger with each magazine she empties into her enemies.


Krieg - The Psycho


Krieg is an aggressive Psycho from the Wastelands of Pandora.

The ability to quickly regenerate and grow stronger from damage makes him an overwhelming force.

When he goes into his Buzz Axe Rampage his melee strikes deal more damage and killing enemies fully regenerates his health.


Maya - The Siren


Maya was brought up by an order of monks on Athenas, she is one of the 6 Sirens in the Universe.

With her powers she can quickly immobilize her foes and support allied forces with healing and buffs.

Her Phaselock ability lifts an enemy into the air isolating him for a swift death.

Established Maya players are even able to instantly revive fallen allies in the distance.


Salvador - The Gunzerker


Salvador is a Pandoran local, with love for excessive violence.

He is the first in battle and the last to bite the dust.

His Action Skill Gunzerking allows him to wield two weapons simultaneously.


Zer0 - The Assassin


Zer0 is an assassin for hire, that excels in both short and long-range combat.

His true appearance is concealed by a high-tech suit and remains a mystery.

His Action Skill Decepti0n creates a holographic decoy that deceives his foes and lets Zer0 become invisible for a few seconds.


Tools and Mods

Disclaimer! Using some of these tools is considered cheating. But they are generally accepted and used by the Community to enhance the game experience. Every player has to decide that for themselves.