• Borderlands 3
  • Enemies that die with the Radiation Status effect, explode and spread radiation to nearby enemies. Effective on Shields; Neutral on Flesh; Weak on Armor.

    Radiation Damage in Borderlands 3

    Radiation is a new Elemental Type introduced in Borderlands 3.

    Can cause the Irradiated Status Effect that lasts for 8 Seconds. If the enemy dies with this status effect he will explode and spread the Radiation to nearby Enemies.

    Normal Mode: ±0% Damage against Flesh and Shielded Targets. -30% Damage against Armored Targets.

    True Vault Hunter Mode: +50% Damage against against Shielded Targets. ±0% Damage against Flesh and - 50% against Armored Targets.

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