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  • Neutral on Flesh and Shields; Weak against Armor. In Borderlands 3 Explosive Damage is considered Kinetic Damage.

    Explosive Damage in Borderlands 2

    Explosive Damage deals full damage to all enemies, only Shielded Targets take 20% less damage.

    Manufacturer Torgue primarily produces Explosive Weapons with a few exceptions: Peak Opener, World Burn

    Explosive Damage deals additional Splash Damage in close proximity of the impact. Direct Hits deal Explosive and Splash Damage.

    Splash Damage

    Splash Damage doesn't receive bonus damage when scoring a Critical Hit.

    Splash Damage can apply an additional Elemental status effect from the Direct Hit, resulting in 2 chances to apply a status effect. (2 Status Effects can run at the same time)

    Increasing Grenade Damage will also Increase Splash Damage. Skills that increase Splash Damage: (Axton) Battlefront, Steady; (Krieg) Fuel the Blood; (Salvador) Keep It Piping Hot

    There are also non Explosive Weapons with Splash Damage.

    Splash Damage an overview:

    Non-Unique Weapons:

    • Torgue Assault Rifle = 90%, Torgue Pistol = 100%, Torgue Shotgun = 85%
    • Maliwan Pistol = 80%, Maliwan Sniper = 50%, Maliwan Launcher = 25% (Splash Damage removed from the base)
    • E-Tech Launcher = 50%, E-Tech SMG = 50% (except Bandit SMG's)

    Unique Weapons:

    Explosive Damage in Borderlands 3

    Explosive Damage is now considered Physical Damage or Non Elemental Damage, as long as it does not have an element.

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